The Eastern Partnership Leadership Programme

Starting from January 2020 Global Utmaning will develop and implement The Eastern Partnership Leadership Programme “Localizing Sustainable Development Goals in the Eastern Partnership Countries”. The two-year programme is made possible through funding by the Swedish Institute and will support the localization of SDGs in Belarus, Georgia and Ukraine.  

The Eastern Partnership Leadership Programme “Localizing Sustainable Development Goals in the Eastern Partnership Countries” aims to support multi-level governance and strengthening capacities of selected EaP countries (Belarus, Georgia and Ukraine) to implement SDGs through peer-learning. The EaP Leadership programme focuses primarily on stakeholders from local and regional levels of governments. The aim is to develop the capacity of local and regional actors to localise the SDGs. Building on the experience of previous Baltic 2030 capacity-building programmes in the Baltic Sea Region, the aim is to share experiences and best practices, as well as provide the participants with relevant skills and tools. Together, the programme will provide vital conditions for the strengthening of vertical governance of the SDGs in the EaP region. The EaP Leadership Programme will co-organise activities with partner organisations such as the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe.

EaP Leadership Programme is designed to use peer-learning to improve multi-level governance for sustainable development in the EaP region and develop the skills of key national stakeholders to support the localisation of SDGs, and to guide sub-national levels in adopting global agendas as frameworks; empower regional and local levels to take concrete actions for SDGs implementation. The programme aims to:

  • Contribute to the implementation of Sweden’s aid strategy for reform cooperation with Eastern Europe, the Western Balkans and Turkey and the EU EaP ‘20 deliverables for 2020’;
  • Foster dialogue and cooperation on the 2030 Agenda between Sweden, the EU, the UN and the Eastern Partnership countries;
  • Strengthen the role of the EaP cities and regions as change leaders and key players for the achievement of the 2030 Agenda and support multi-level governance and localizing of SDGs, by involving representatives of regions and cities and provide participants with respective skills and tools.
  • Promote national and international exchange of experience, peer-learning and capacity-building regarding SDGs implementation.
  • Team up “expert partners” in Sweden and EaP countries to assist the EaP countries to elaborate their national, regional and local sustainability strategies.
  • Apply experiences, results, good examples and the network of experts from the Baltic Leadership Programme “Localizing the SDGs” in support of synergy making and cross-regional cooperation between the BSR and the EaP countries.

During 2020 national workshops, training and seminars will be organised in Belarus, Georgia and Ukraine. These will be open for local, regional and national stakeholders with relevant government, research and/or civil society positions.

During 2021 transnational trainings will be organised and stakeholders from participating countries will have opportunities to share experience and co-develop capacity to localize SDGs in their respective settings.

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Contact Person,
Joel Ahlgren, Project manager Global Utmaning

Photo by Victor Xok on Unsplash