"Financial reform for a sustainable economy" – live webbcasts from the seminar January 28th

4 år sedan

"Financial reform for a sustainable economy" – live webbcasts from the seminar January 28th

Are there solutions to the financial crisis that at the same time would provide a leap towards a more sustainable, green economy? Global Utmaning´s expert group on green economy organizes seminar #9 in the series: Key issues for a green economy, with Michael Kumhof, IMF and Bernard Lietaer, author of the book ”Money the missing link in sustainability”. Here you can watch the live webb casts from the seminar on the 28th of January.

Michael Kumhof, Deputy Chief of the Modeling Division in the IMF Research Department, follows by providing a review of the Chicago plan, which was originally presented by Irving Fisher as a policy proposal to combat the Great Depression. Using a formal DSGE-model, Michael Kumhof has not only been able to validate Irving Fishers claims of boom-bust cycle stabilization, financial stability and debt reduction, but he has also presented convincing evidence that the plan would result in real output gains.

Bernard Lietaer, international expert in the design and implementation of currency systems, will give his view on why financial reform is crucial for a transition to a green economy. Lietaer is the author of ”Money the missing link in sustainability”, and argues for a monetary ”ecosystem”.

Pavan Sukhdev, formrer head of UNEPs Green Economy Initiative, and main author fo the internationally acclaimed report ”Towards a green economy”, was inveted to give an extra comment to the introductions.

The seminar was concluded by a panel discussion lead by Mr Anders Wijkman, president of the Club of Rome, opinion-maker and author of several books.

Read The Chicago Plan Revisited here



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