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Under rubriken Utblick publicerar tankesmedjan gästkrönikor där internationella experter bidrar med sina perspektiv på globala frågor som har betydelse för Sverige. De åsikter som framförs är skribenternas egna och samstämmer inte nödvändigtvis med tankesmedjans linje. Vill du bidra med en gästkrönika? Kontakta kansliet.

Global Utmaning

8 månader sedan

The Future of Work – beyond the Social Pillar – what advice to the next EU Commission?

Allan Larssons spoke at the SecGen Away day May 23, 2019. The presentation was a reflection of his own experience of policy making within the EU as well as an opportunity to address the future of work beyond the social pillar and offer advise to the commission acceding this fall.  The SecGen Away day May 23, 2019: ”It has been…

Global Utmaning

11 månader sedan

The EU-Turkey Statement on migration: Three years on

Three years ago the EU and Turkey signed a historic migration agreement. For Sweden, disagreements on migration policy had major consequences for both the election and forming a government. As the American ”final strikes” take place in Syria, European countries choose different strategies to deal with their national ”jihadists”. This sheds new light on the agreement. A…